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What does your service include?

  • Creating Google search & display ads
  • Creating Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Running live ads
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Unlimited ad performance reports
  • Retargeting of past & current customers
  • Automatic targeting optimization

Frequently asked questions:

  • What do I need to start a campaign with Adriel?

    To create your first ad campaign with Adriel all you need is to upload an image and text that you’d like to appear in your advert. Let Adriel take care of everything else. Your adverts will automatically be edited and designed in variations of sizes and styles to fit the specifications of the each channel (Google, Instagram, Facebook). This ensures that adverts are produced in the right image size and format and in record time.

  • How long does it take to launch a campaign with Adriel?

    The Adriel chatbot will ask you some questions. You upload an image and text that represents your business. All you then have to do is set your own timing and budget. You could be live and growing your business in 24hours.

  • How much do I need to know about marketing to launch adverts with Adriel?

    Simply tell Adriel about your business and let us do the work. Developed with intelligent machine learning technology, Adriel is able to quickly deliver effective marketing campaigns that will reach your potential customers. Adriel can even use your website to generate adverts that best showcase your business.

  • Where will my adverts be running?

    Today Adriel runs adverts on Google, Facebook and Instagram, the most highly-sought advertising channels online. Together they represent nearly 70% of digital advertising spend in the UK.

  • Can I just try Adriel with a small budget?

    No problem. You can set a budget to as little as £5 or a campaign for as short as two days. Adriel is here to meet your needs at any budget level.

  • How effective are ads with Adriel?

    Using intelligent machine learning technology Adriel can quickly establish the most effective digital marketing strategy keeping in mind your targets, budgets and the advertising platforms themselves. To evaluate performance Adriel furnishes you with easy to understand daily reports on top level results.

  • Do I need a website to run ads on Adriel?

    We advise for you to have a website for your business in order for your customers to have somewhere to click-thru to. This helps to convert leads from your Google adverts into customers. A Facebook business page will also be required for Facebook adverts.

  • How do I target my customers using Adriel?

    Specify the customers you want to reach by age, income and location. You can be really specific. Adriel can also target customers who have previously visited your website through a retargeting campaign. This is included in Adriel’s service at no extra cost.

  • How much will Adriel charge me for this service.

    Adriel charges a flat 19% of what you spend. There are no set up costs or added fees for creating each advert. With Adriel you will be left alone to use as you wish – there is no upselling or cross-selling to other services. Adriel is committed to bringing the most effective digital advertising techniques to companies with budgets of any size.

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